Why Your Brand Needs Video in 2021: The Effective Way to Stand Out
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Why Your Brand Needs Video in 2021: The Best Way to Get Noticed

Video has taken the marketing world by storm! Indeed, more than 80% of brands use video to promote their products or services and attract potential customers. They realize that this content type is a sure-fire way of getting attention on the Internet. With our attention span decreasing, only an engaging tool can help brands stand out.

Over the years, customers have come to love videos. In fact, 80% of consumers would rather watch a live video from a brand than read a blog. This tool helps them retain 95% of a message, while they only remember 10% of a message they read in an article. It’s no wonder, then, that video is dominating the internet and social media.

With customer needs and wants changing, brand marketing has had to adapt and evolve. It was all about creating ads that would present the business to potential customers in the past. Nowadays, however, marketers are primarily focused on creating valuable content for their target audience. This is what helps them stand out compared to their competition.

So, videos are worth the investment! With the right resources, committed team, creative ideas, and practice, you’ll make videos your brand will be proud to share. In this article, we’ll highlight four reasons why your brand needs video in 2021.

Here we go!

Show Your Brand’s Identity

Rather than just aggressively promote your brand, it’s better to show its identity to your audience. Customers appreciate marketing efforts whose goal is to present a human side of the business. This makes them feel they’re a part of the family — not just walking wallets to you. So, why not develop content that shows your audience who you are as a brand?

Video can help you with this! This tool is the most effective way of introducing your brand’s complete identity. Given the fact that video is also one of the most engaging ways to consume content today, your audience will easily understand your message. They are more likely to purchase from you if they recognize your brand thanks to your video efforts. Indeed, 64% of consumers will make a purchase after watching branded content on social media.

When it comes to other content types, they have a purpose as well. Blog posts are a great choice if you want to share your company’s ideas and views. They can come in handy when you want to establish your brand’s tone and voice as well. On the other hand, photos allow you to showcase the people behind your business.

However, video is the only tool that brings together these two elements, text and visuals, enabling you to present your brand’s full identity. This will ensure you make a personal connection with your target audience.

And that’s why your brand needs video in 2021!

Express Your Brand’s Style

Want to make your brand more recognizable? Then come up with a unique brand design that sets you apart from other businesses! Choose your color palette and logo that will become synonymous with your company. But why stop there? There is one tool that lets you show off your brand’s style even more!

Video offers a great opportunity to inject your brand’s style into your content! This is one of the major reasons why your brand needs video in 2021! Choose sets, costumes, color grading, animations, and music that demonstrate your unique style. By including as many elements as you can, you will develop a unique and distinct brand identity that will stay in your customers’ minds long after the video has ended!

Customers might forget most content they encounter on the internet, but they will surely remember videos that express a brand’s style!

Brid.TV offers a state-of-the-art video platform that helps you host, manage, and monetize your video content. It also enables you to customize your video player and bring new life into your brand. Show off your company colors! Choose from a range of gradients and colors to achieve that special look.

Let’s take a look at two more reasons why your brand needs video!

Stand Out on Social Media

According to Statista, there were 3.6 billion social media users in 2020. On average, they spend 144 minutes on social media. This just goes to show how important these platforms are for businesses. Having an active online presence is vital if you want customers to notice your brand and purchase from you.

Over the years, social media has become more business-friendly. Marketers now have a wide range of features available that can make their posts stand out. Most of them focus on creating videos as this content type is popular on social media. That’s why your brand needs video in 2021! In fact, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn have developed native video platforms.

Therefore, you need to make a lot of video content to get noticed on social media. You can create short-form content that presents the fun side of your business. Alternatively, you can post longer videos that present your brand story and show off people behind your company.

LinkedIn has become video-friendly as well! Check out which video types you can make on the platform here.

What’s more, videos get higher engagement rates on every platform compared to text or image posts. This means that publishing videos is the sure-fire way to get more people to see your content. But keep in mind that your videos need to be relevant and engaging. Internet users see many videos while they’re scrolling down their feeds. If you want them to stop and watch, give them a reason for that!

We hope that these three reasons show you why your brand needs video to stand out on the internet. Just in case, we’ve prepared one more example for you that shows how video can help you!

Build a Strong Connection

The power of video to establish a personal connection with viewers is undeniable. Video has a huge potential to remove barriers and attract new customers to your company. In addition to that, storytelling by way of video can create a strong bond because consumers are drawn to it on a personal level. It’s more than obvious why your brand needs video to stick out!

Other content types are effective in their own right and customers still like to see them. However, video is the most direct human-to-human medium on the internet. Consumers watch a story you came up with in the video, getting to know your brand and people behind it. In this way, you create a strong bond between your company and audience.

When people watch a lot of your branded videos, they may feel like they get a chance to spend time with you. This helps them discover your story that will set you apart from other companies that vie for their attention. Ultimately, you want to strengthen your connection with your target audience and attract them to your brand more. This is precisely why your brand needs video.

Explainers, tutorials, Q&A sessions, how-tos, the possibilities are limitless with videos! No other medium is this versatile and engaging. So, if your company hasn’t added video to your marketing strategy, it’s time you do it! Otherwise, you’ll miss out on the amazing opportunities that come with videos.

Transform Your Brand With Video

We hope we’ve helped you see why your brand needs video to stand out on the market. Your next step is to gather a team, get some creative ideas flowing, and infuse new life into your company. Make every second of your videos matter and spread your message around the world!

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